Commercial Property Maintenance 2

At this point in the season lawn growth is slowing, leaves are falling and many property owners are preparing for the dreaded “S” word……SNOW. We’re busy planning the months following our landscape season, known as winter. All details will be organized into an efficient system of taking care of our snow clients. The main component of this group involves commercial property owners and property managers.

Commercial properties have aesthetic standards, but the main focus is safety and property value: safety for it’s employees, truck drivers and clients, and maintaining building standards and value. Our relationship with these clients is a mutual understanding that as the property ages, it should be increasing in value to the owner. Coupled with this are the ongoing safety and aesthetic concerns as mentioned earlier.

Ideally commercial property owners and managers have set budgets and contracts outlining annual expenditures for maintenance and improvements. We work with them to maximize the value of the capital costs associated with these. The same services we provide for residential clients are performed on our commercial sites as well: De-thatching, lawn aeration, fertilization, mowing, trimming, shrub and tree pruning, leaf cleanup in the summer months and plowing, salting, monitoring for ice, snow relocation in the winter months.

Our commercial division is growing due to relationship building with property managers and owners. We strive to service our clients with care, knowledge and honesty in honouring contract obligations. Bring on the SNOW!