Lawn Care Client Testimonial

We continue to strive for customer satisfaction in our business. Periodically we receive cards, crews receive bonus gifts from clients, and from time to time, clients take a moment from their busy schedules to write us a “THANK YOU” note:

This was received recently from a lawn care client in Ancaster:

“I have a testimonial for Tim Sieders and his company, Mapleridge Landscapes.

My wife and I bought our house brand new in 1997. I have been taking care of the lawn since the sod was laid that year. It has never looked as bad as it did after the long, hot and dry summer of 2012. There were significant bare patches, and what grass there was looked like it was dead. I decided to call in Tim and his staff at Mapleridge Landscapes to help me out.

They aerated my lawn twice-in the fall of 2012 and in the spring of 2013. They also top dressed and over seeded in the spring. Those things had never been done before. Finally, they commenced a regular fertilizing program through the 2013 growing season. The result is a lawn that is almost completely recovered from where it was a year ago. It is mostly thick, green and lush. There’s no doubt that Mother Nature was much friendlier this year, providing some cooler and wetter weather. I also played a part by cutting at a reasonable length, weeding at regular intervals, and watering when required. However, I know that my lawn would not have turned out the way it did without the help of Mapleridge Landscapes. I have always taken pride in my lawn, and was embarrassed at what it had become. I thank them for restoring my pride.

I am happy to recommend Mapleridge Landscapes to anyone who is looking for a company that can provide a regular fertilizing program, and that can give additional advice and service as required. Everyone should have an opportunity to have a lawn that looks as good as mine.”

Thank you Andrew for you kind words!