Outdoor Fireplace Design 2

The nights are cooling down fast and daylight hours are slipping away. Don’t put away the gardening tools just yet, and keep the patio furniture within reach…..WHY? FIRE, that’s why…

It has been a great year for living outdoors. Although somewhat unpredictable, the weather from spring to summer has been moderate and provided many opportunities to relax and entertain in our outdoor rooms.

As we enter the fall season it would seem like there is less time to entertain outdoors. Although we would love to enjoy a meal or conversation outside, the reality is that there just isn’t enough sweaters for all of the guests!

Outdoor fireplaces are a great feature, not only because they provide heat on those cool fall nights, they also add the element of fire to the landscape. Who doesn’t have fond memories of sitting around the campfire as a child, singing songs or telling ghost stories late into the evening? Or warming up by the fire after a brisk hike or hockey game? Fire always has been and will be one of the best elements of the outdoors.

With infinite design options, outdoor fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere in the landscape and can be built into a variety of structures using stone masonry, carpentry and even pre-cast units. Most units, whether natural gas, wood or fuel-cell burning, will require a permit and need to follow local guidelines. A qualified landscape contractor will be aware of these parameters.

Whether used as a decorative feature, a source of heat, or just another way to cook up some s’mores, an outdoor fireplace will add to the value and the enjoyment of your landscape for years to come.