The great indoors

A few months ago we wrote about Outdoor Fireplaces. They are very popular in the landscape these days. Clients enjoy them deep into the winter, braving the cold to get a fire going, and spending quality time huddled close. It has been a great year for living outdoors. Although somewhat unpredictable, the weather has been moderate and provided many opportunities to relax and entertain in our outdoor rooms.

As we enter the winter season there is less time to entertain outdoors, except for the die hard Canadians, enjoying sub zero temperatures in their outdoor rooms. The design and skills involved with an outdoor fireplace are easily transferred to the INDOORS….Again, as we stated before, we would love to enjoy a meal or conversation outside, but the reality is that there just isn’t enough sweaters for all of the guests!

Indoor fireplaces are a great focal point to any living room, family room, sometimes even a bedroom or kitchen. Not only do they provide heat on those cold winter nights, they also provide ambience and atmosphere for any social gathering, or for that solitary moment in a comfy chair watching snow fall out the window. Many of us have fond memories of sitting around the fire place as a family, playing games, reading stories or opening Christmas presents late into the evening; or warming up by the fire after a brisk hike or hockey game on the back yard rink. Fire is not just for the outdoors, but increasingly it’s becoming a must for the indoor room.

With infinite design options, fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere in the home and can be finished or refurbished using a variety of materials such as natural stone masonry, cultured or pre-cast stone. Combine this with elements of wood or stainless steel, and you give the space a rustic or modern look; whatever the style of the home demands.

You may notice we used a lot of the same descriptive words and described a similar experience as with the OUTDOOR fireplace blog content. This is no accident. Fireplaces are enjoyed inside and outside. It may be time to put away the gardening tools, but there’s always time to enjoy the Great Indoors.