This is a first... Employee Testimonials

We ask all our team members, periodically, how they are doing and evaluate performance as well. We pride ourselves on having a solid team, comprised of dedicated, mature individuals, who get along and emphasize quality in the work they do. There’s always a little bit of turnover, as in most workplaces, and not everyone fits the mold, but overall we can say that our team is dedicated and professional. We have excellent and courteous leaders, key to any successful organization. They set the tone and lead the team in a forward direction.

Recently we had asked for some feedback from the team, here are a few responses:

*****Mapleridge Landscapes is one of the best companies I’ve worked for. It has a close knit group of guys working together to accomplish many tasks. A very fun and satisfying job! If I ever move back I will definitely be applying again. Dan

*****I have worked in the horticultural industry for the past 17 years and have been with Mapleridge Landscapes for the last 7. I have seen the company and management team here grow year after year while expanding its operations deep into the residential and commercial sectors throughout the GTA. The attention to detail, systems, focus on growth, care for clients and employees have made this an attractive company to work for and support my family over the years. There is a prominent future in the landscape industry for Mapleridge Landscapes as this company continues to excel in all aspects of its business operations. Kurt

We are a company committed to a professional and safe work environment for our employees. Come,apply and JOIN A WINNING TEAM TODAY!!