This Ancaster Landscaping project required much cooperation with the client and builder to design. The house is very large and the property expansive. The client wanted simple, but elegant, lots of green, both in planting and turf, with splashes of colour at seasonal intervals.

The placement and selection of the trees was very important. Along the north property line, trees were on the design, but not to be installed for future lot line adjustment considerations as the adjacent property was to be purchased. A mixture of evergreen, deciduous varieties were chosen to create the natural park feel the client requested. Willows were planted in the wetland area, Red Maple clumps on the hill to blend in with the existing neighboring trees and White Pines along the Northeast side to provide the tennis court with privacy.

The entrance to the property from the highway was a crucial area for the client. Armour stone walls to terrace the grade, gardens with hydrangeas, yews and ornamental pears behind the stately pillars and fence were needed to create the core of this area. Perennials and annual plantings give the colour needed to finish the look to accent the ornamental automatic gates.

The front of the property has several elements that complement the size of the building. The driveway was already designed to wind towards the house. The turnaround area in front was designed to have a subtle fountain, stone and planting to soften the large portico and expansive front wall. Mass planting was organized with different shades of green and room for annual colour. Before the turnaround, armour stone walls and gardens hide the septic tanks and create different levels to make a flat area more inviting and natural. The front porch stone veneer was chosen to complement the elegant, dark front door.

The design laid out the hard surfaces and the builder did the poured concrete, asphalt and block walls. Plantings, turf and the back patio water feature were installed to soften the space. The low voltage lighting system complements the house lighting and spans the property from tennis court to highway. An irrigation system was designed and installed to keep the plants and turf healthy, combating a windy, dry atmosphere. To design and build this simple, clean landscape was a challenge on a large, elegant house and estate.

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