The main goal of this project was to create a place to soak up the sun, relax and escape the pressures of busy lives. After the pool contractor was finished, there were certain elements that were a must for this outdoor living space.

A natural stone waterfall was essential to drown out noise from the busy street in the front and to blend with existing trees, keeping as much of a natural environment as possible. The patio was designed to complement the existing deck area and incorporate a sunning, fire pit and cabana area.

The entire landscape was to be separate from the residence and a galvanized aluminum fence was installed to create that boundary, yet allow an open feel. Oversized flagstone was cut into the lawn to lead people from deck to pool. Simple mass plantings were installed to complement the existing conifers, cabana and hedge, and to give colour and interest for all seasons. A natural stone wall, carefully situated, was installed to retain heat from a small gas fireplace in the garden, and add sitting space for children when not in use.

All elements of the landscape combined create a relaxing, private and natural environment in a busy suburban setting.

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