Landscaping in a suburban setting seeks to keep up with the style of the neighbourhood, especially in the front yard, but needs to focus on the lifestyle of the family when it comes the the backyard.

Often on suburban lots, like this project presented, the front yard is small, taken up by driveways, front walkways, leaving little green space for lawn and gardens. This particular project had this reality, so the front garden was designed to curve and lead visitors to the side gate, opening access to the homeowners' dream backyard.

There was a drastic slope along the side of the yard, mostly unusable at best. There was a need to create steps and levels, to ease the access for getting into the yard. This was accomplished with natural armour stone walls and flagstone steps, flanked on either side with plants.....walking through the garden to get to the patio.

A large area was levelled and tiered to create an inviting lounging and sitting space for the family and guests. A smaller area was created a few steps lower in the "unusable" corner, for some Muskoka chairs, facing the house and deck-a private corner to be out of site of the neighbours.

The finish this Oakville landscaping project, a new lawn and irrigation system were installed, creating a much usable and enjoyable space for the suburban family to enjoy.

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